।। लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु ।।

    Our Mission is to:

    Serve the Needy, Identify the root causes of their sufferings, and Endeavour to lead them towards self-sufficiency.

    In India about 10 crore live in slums. Most of them are economic migrants from deprived rural areas in search of a better livelihood. In Ahmedabad, the third largest city in Western India’s Gujarat state, out of total population of 18 lakh, around 3.6 lakh live in 336 slum pockets.

    Most people in these areas are deprived of an affordable quality education and basic healthcare due to various economic and social reasons. Panchshil Foundation Trust helps such needy people in Ahmedabad by providing them quality primary education and access to basic healthcare against a token payment.

    Many NGOs in India are doing wonderful work to reduce suffering of the needy population. We believe that long term solution to these sufferings lie in addressing to their root causes rather than attending to the symptoms. It is imperative to take up the task of improving existing system that has led to this situation.


    Panchshil Foundation focuses on two principle goals:

  • To provide an educational support to the elementary school going children of slums in Ahmedabad
  • To provide affordable quality health care to the slum population in Ahmedabad.
  • Activities

    After multiple meetings with various slum communities, we selected Juna Vadaj in Ahmedabad. The community is co-operative and there is a dire need of primary health and education in the area. There was no qualified doctor in this slum. Also the nearby municipality school has one hall for the students of 1 to 7 grades. The work by Panchshil Foundation Trust was initiated on Oct 6, 2013.

    Founder : Mr. Jitendra P. Shah

    Inaugurated By

  • Shri Meenakshi Patel, Mayor, Ahmedabad.
  • Shri Mayur Dave President BJP.
  • Shri Rakeshbhai Shah Corporator, Usmanpura.
  • Panchshil Foundation Aims to help needy people

Inauguration by Mayor Mrs. Meenaxiben Patel
Clinic for the Underprivileged
Cloth Distribution
Cloth Distribution by AUDA Chairman Mr. Bhupendra Patel

The cloth distribution program was successfully done by Panchshil Foundation

“Panchshil Foundation’ is an NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which has organized a Cloth Distribution program for more than one thousand poor people as part of its commitments towards social welfare on 4th Jan 2015.

The Distribution was done at Vadaj Red Cross society by Shri Bhunpendrabhai Patel the Honorable chairman of AUDA, Shri Manubhai Bharwad chairman legal committee AMC, Shri Kantibhai Chairman Road and Bhuilding committee AMC., , Shri Rakeshbhai Parikh The corporator Usmanpura and Shri. Jitendra Shah Chairman – Panchshil Foundation.

“Mr. Jitendra Shah” Founder of “Panchshil Foundation told the NGO was started with a campaign to help the needy people with education, medical and the livelihood. We are commitment for helping “poor needy people” through which we can contributed to enhance the livelihood of the poor community to eradicate the current poverty situation.

He also added that “The main objective of this program was to provide basic needs to needy people. Many people have joined hands with us and have played a major role in the collection; we once again appreciate enthusiasm for the volunteer meaningful inputs and keen interest in this journey.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation heartful thanks to the individual, volunteers and organizations for generous affords to collect clothes, toys and utensils for the distribution program which was arranged as a part of social responsibility.

Several Collection centers were arranged in the Paldi ,Usmanpura and Jodhpur area of Ahmedabad city for collecting clothes. Interested people and other were welcomed to donate their clothes at the center as per their connivance and affordability.

Here by we are enclosing photo copy of aborograme

Panchshil Foundation Aims to Help Birds Survive the Summer Heat

Wildlife of India must adapt to their new surroundings as cities continue to creep further and further into the natural jungle foliage. Unfortunately not all animals can adapt as quickly or easily as needed. Birds, for example, struggle to find much needed drinking water as modern construction covers up natural outlets for hydration.

Panchshil Foundation is an NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which started a campaign to help supply valuable drinking water to our winged friends. The pots designed to hang from apartment galleries, gardens, offices, or anywhere where birds can reach the much needed water source, are deemed a “summer lifeline for birds”.

Arrangements were made at Shantinagar Jain Derasar, Usmanpura from where the free pots were collected. The goal was to distribute all 600 pots from 8:30am onwards, on 5th May 2014 Everyone who has voluntarily taken the pot for free was pledged to ‘always keep the clay pot full of water’.

Jitendra Shah of Panchshil Foundation told “Although the pledge is oral we hope it is taken seriously and finds it his or her moral responsibility to stay true to the promise.” “City habitat has changed from what it was in the past. Heat levels have increased tremendously and we find that birds find it very difficult to live if they don’t have any source of water.”

“Every summer, hundreds of birds die due to heat stroke and dehydration. Hence, Panchshil Foundation have decided to distribute free water pots for birds to the concerned citizens,” So societies must keep bowls of water and feed in their gardens to help birds survive during the summer.

He also added “Clay pots are better than plastic or metal bowls because the water stays very cool even when temperature is touching 42 degrees Celsius.”